Additional Mathematics 0606

Until we upload our completed compilations from more recent papers, we advise you to get topical Add Maths past papers from the page Dr. Tayeb (not affiliated with us or this webpage):

Past paper questions sorted by topic:

Chapter 1 – Sets and Notation (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 2 & 3 – Functions and Quadratic Functions (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 4 & 7 – Indices and Logarithm

Chapter 5 – Remainder and Factor theorems (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 6 – Simultaneous Equations (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 8 – Straight Line Graphs – April 2018

Chapter 8 – Coordinate Geometry 2002 – 2011 (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 9 – Circular measure (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 10 – Trigonometry (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 11 – Permutations and Combinations (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 12 – Binomial Theorem (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 13 – Vectors and Relative Velocity (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 14 – Matrices (see Dr. Tayeb)

Chapter 15 – Differentiation and Integration (see Dr. Tayeb)


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  1. Danny says:

    Thank you so much for the resources. It has been very useful. Can you please upload the solutions too so that i can cross check.

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  2. koksheng says:

    can i have solution please ?


    1. Arpit says:

      You can get the solutions online by just searching the code on the bottom of the page and then add ms and then the first link which you get click on it and voila! For e.g search 0606/22/o/n/10 and you’ll get the answers for free

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  3. Fairooz says:

    at the end of the page there is a code…If you type the code and write marks scheme you guys can easily find the solutions


  4. Liao says:

    Can you please provide answer with working solutions to the Add Maths topic past paper studies guide ? Thanks very much.


  5. C.U.Z. O.N.E says:

    Why doesn’t the add maths have answers


    1. Arpit Aryan says:

      at the end of the page there is a code…If you type the code and write marks scheme you guys can easily find the solutions

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  6. adminpypcompilation says:

    Add Maths Chapter 8 on Straight Line Graphs has recently been compiled and is available for download. The Compilation and the Mark Scheme is also available on our Facebook Group:

    Share our page and compilation with your friends but the compilations are strictly NOT FOR SALE!
    More compilation is to follow ; hopefully Tamim should be able to get them done by end of July 2018.

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  7. adminpypcompilation says:

    In the meantime attempt Past Papers and get required help. Past Papers can be found form GCE GUIDE.


  8. ಇಶಿ್ says:

    Thanks for the mathematics material- it was really helpful.


  9. Giosiota says:

    Please I need the solutions


  10. Giosiota says:

    I need the answers


  11. jagarjack says:

    which is kinematics


  12. vedikamanwaniVM says:

    Thank you so much for this. Can you please update the solutions I would really grateful!!


  13. Edon says:

    Can I please have solutions


  14. CUP NOODLES says:

    Can you make another question paper of trigonometry like this but only with recent questions like from 2012-2019


  15. Rafiqul Islam says:



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