Geography 0460

Compiled by Muhannad

Past Paper Questions sorted by topic:

Chapter 1 – Population dynamics

Chapter 2 – Migration

Chapter 3 – Population structure

Chapter 4 – Population density and distribution

Chapter 5 – Settlements and service provision

Chapter 6 – Urban settlements

Chapter 7 – Urbanisation

Chapter 8 – Earthquakes and volcanoes

Chapter 9 – Rivers

Chapter 10 – Coasts

Chapter 11 – Weather

Chapter 12 – Climate and natural vegetation

Chapter 13 – Development

Chapter 14 – Food Production

Chapter 15 – Industry

Chapter 16 – Tourism

Chapter 17 – Energy

Chapter 18 – Water

Chapter 19 – Environmental risks of economic development

Chapter 20 – Map skills ( Mapwork question for P2 Question 1 )


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  1. Jin says:

    Hey, thank u so much for all the work compiling but i think there’s a mistake in the links, only chapter one has a link attached to it, can u please attach the links for other chapters as well? lots of thx

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  2. Jin says:

    Im taking my igs next summer, itd be rly appreciated if the links r attached asap, tq!


  3. 🌈🥀🍒 says:

    can you please post the links? we’ve been waiting a long time


  4. sonia says:

    are these for sale? please let me know how to download


  5. KC says:

    Looks like a scam – later chapters don’t exist!!!


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